I Started a Bicycle Repair Business in My Family’s Garage

I Started a Bicycle Repair Business in My Family’s Garage

I remember starting out in my garage fixing the bicycles of my friends. My dad taught me how to repair just about everything. I was making a few dollars as a kid replacing tubes, tires, brake pads and adjusting handlebars and seats. I read every owner’s and repair manual I could find for every brand of bike. I started to make some custom bicycles when I learned to weld at 15. Then I worked for a company in the summer making carbon fiber frames. I learned a lot with that job. Now I use a paystub generator to keep track of the wages of the three people who work with me in my rented shop.

I was not old enough to rent the building when I first opened. My mom and dad had to sign the lease for me. I took over when I turned 18. I’m still in college and running my business repairing bicycles. I have a prime location next to a riding and walking path. I sell the best brands and models of bicycles. I do not have the department store stuff. These bikes are made better and ride better. I carry pro models too. I have some carbon fiber frames that cost more than a used car. I have reclining bicycles and the ones built for two. Adult tricycles are very popular and cool looking.

I did not know anything about paying employees or using a paystub generator to keep track of wages and withholding, but I learned quickly. Most things require a lot of reading to stay legal with payroll and rules for operating a business. I am good at reading, understanding and retaining things. It is a big help in my business. I think I might open another shop a few miles down the riding trail in another town, since business is so good.

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